Architecture OverviewΒΆ

TurkServer is a full-stack Javascript framework based on Meteor. This means you do all your programming in Javascript, on both the client-side (user’s browser) as well as server-side.


Why is TurkServer designed this way, and what are the core concepts?

  • Read why we chose Meteor and Javascript as the underlying framework, and why this facilitates social experiments research.
  • Understand the multiple worlds abstraction, its relation to Meteor’s real-time data framework, and how this makes it easier to design apps for group interaction.
  • Check out the live experimenter view in TurkServer, which allows you to see the status of all connected users and ongoing experiments.
  • Take a look at how treatments can be assigned to users or worlds in TurkServer.
  • Look at research methods that guided the development of TurkServer.
  • See references to alternative platforms and concepts for doing software-based, crowdsourcing-driven experiments.